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Love Armour...

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Love Armour

Hinetitama I search for your light

But it is only Hinenuitepo I see

She knows me, she is me.

We are sisters

Because I am woman

We both walk the path of man.

She is close,

And she keeps calling to me

From where she waits just beyond.

She is patient. She is forgiving.

But my mokopuna is here.

She will have to wait.

I am holding his hand,

As we walk together

Along the crumbling track.

I have blinded him with lies

So he can live what he will.

This is the monsters playground

They creep across our path

Wearing smiley face masks that hide sharpened teeth

That gnaw and consume their own limbs

Tailor made skin with a designer label.

We walk over the piles of bones and plastic,

Holes in the earth stripped of life.

The fires that burn choke the air

And send skeletal smoke fingers to claw the inside of our throats.

I see water that sits in putrid holes

Disturbingly beautiful

Stolen from a rainbow

In the mirrored surface I can see my face

But it too is a mask.

My tears break the surface

And I see nothing below.

Nothing at all.

My gaze in any direction

Shows a dark horizon

A Weigh upon bent shoulders

Smothering my dreams.

It’s a lonely veiw

Camouflaged for most but for only the damaged

The artists and the seers.

But they are smothered under the corpses of the fallen

And their voices unheard because of the choir of the multitudes who can no longer see or hear.

The life-force, the mauri

The Golden lights that string like glow worm threads in a darkened cave,

between living and inanimate

Warm and Cool, inside and out

It’s the breath that swirls and the blood and sap

Pulsating and flowing

Dissolving, diminishing,

Once used to light the way in the dark.

They have almost gone

I hold the hand of my mokopuna as the monsters circle

I hold my korowai over him

And it thrives because my magic is powerful and pure.

It is love armour

Because he is all there is

I’ll walk along the path until the path is gone

And the korowai falls

And then he too will see what I see.

So Hinenuitepo.

You will have to wait.

Love Armour©Theresa Reihana 2018

Please don't publish my work, contact me and ask, thankyou

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