Matariki shimmers in the heaven, a symbol for the future and a reminder of the past.  With its appearance on the horizon it is an indication that the storehouses should all be full for the winter. Family and loved ones that passed during the past year preceding its rise are mourned before its appearance and then after, a New Year is celebrated. 


Maori as with many indigenous cultures, use the stars to predict the weather and season ahead. If the stars are clear it will be a good season for growing and harvest. If they are dim, it will be poor. 


If greenhouse emissions and carbon dioxide continue to build up in the atmosphere at the rate it is, our children, and my children will be raising my grandchildren in a world without hope.


My night skies are amazing. I am lucky I live in the Far North of New Zealand. I can still see the stars. My visitors from the city are in awe because they never see them shine so bright. I am mourning the loss of our stars already.


If we cannot see the stars, what will we celebrate?  It is for this reason the kowhaiwhai pattern in my painting is broken and deteriorating. The heart line is broken.