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Ranginui (Sky father) and Papatuanuku (Earth mother) were lovers. Their embrace was such, there was no light or space between them. They were separated by their children, who could not tolerate the conditions, and light and life entered the world.


However such was the love of Ranginui and Papatuanuku that their sadness and pain caused continuous rain ( tears from Ranginui ) and floods and night returned  with the mists that rose from Papatuanuku.


The children had to then turn her onto her belly so she could not see Ranginui and he could no longer gaze at her and to ease the heartbreak they had caused their parents and the deluge upon the earth. This painting is called Hoki mai kotahi ano, which means returning together as one again. The intent was to show her waiting for him.

  • Print Info

    The artist signature on your print and this document certifies the authenticity of this fine art limited edition giclee print.

    After conclusion of this limited-edition print run no dimensionally similar reproductions to these specifications will be reproduced to this high quality.

    It certifies that the digital image depicted was from an original artwork created by Theresa Reihana. The quality of the ink and media, edition size and the print number in the edition.

    You will obtain optimum results by storing or displaying your print appropriately. Keep out of direct sunlight and fluorescent light and use proper framing, ideally including uv filtering glass

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